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Samuel Edwin Martin's WWI Silver War Badge

The Silber War Badge or The Discharge Badge 1914-1918, Wound Badge or Services Rendered Badge, this sterling silver lapel badge was first issued, along with an official certificate of entitlement, in 1916. It was intended to be worn in civilian clothes by service personnel who had been honourably discharged due to wounds or sickness, and it was an offence to do so if not entitled. Prior to this it had been the practice of some misguided woman at home to present white feathers to apparently able-bodied young men who were not wearing the King's uniform.

Approximately 1,150,000 Silver War Badges were issued, several contractors including J R Gaunt & Son Ltd of Birmingham being involved in the manufacture. Each one was uniquely numbered on the reverse, Royal Navy, Merchant Navy, Royal Marines and Royal Air Force badges having an RN, MN, RM or RAF prefix respectively. Other prefixes for Australia and South Africa (A and SA) were also used.

Many thanks to Paul Hinckley for being kind enough to provide me with the above information

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